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Based on the key concepts of the Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP), this planning tool walks you through the process to ensure you've considered all the important factors.

As the images depict: 1) You start by defining your scope. 2) You specify your Objectives, correlating them [if you like] with FEMA's 32 Core Capabilities. 3) You walk through the segments that will refine and communicate your Objectives. 4) You designate those who will serve on your planning team. 5) You conduct at least the minimum recommended planning meetings. 6) You consider who to invite to your party. 7) As you move through the planning work you check off the items already done [you can easily apply a filter to display only the unDone items].


  • Confidence that your approach to planning is consistent with the well-articulated guidance offered by FEMA, and that all participants can share that common context for your approach
  • The Done column helps ensure you don't overlook something important among the myriad aspects of planning a large exercise


  • Table-of-contents organization for the essential elements of HSEEP
  • Built-in prompts to help you know what things to do, and in what sequence


  • Up to two hours guiding and collaborating to ensure satisfactory outcome
  • Exercise Kit is purchased separately, and then customized, for each exercise event
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