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A common challenge for practitioners is managing the responder team details. With Team Tracker you'll maintain your roles, contact info and training history all in once place. Then that info can be accessed, updated and reported in a variety of ways including on mobile devices.

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The images depict just a few of the possible outputs that start from 1) the Team Tracker roster itself. An unlimited array of reports can be created to slice and dice the content as needed, such as 2) a listing distributed to your agency responders providing evidence that you have staffed to your roles, but showing the phone numbers of only your liaison reps—so that an agency can reach out to you according to protocol without interrupting your other key players. When you host training events you can 3) capture attendance on a mobile device (where headcount of those checked in is displayed at the top). Later you can 4) view a list of all who attended a training or exercise.


  • A central repository of ICS-based responder data that, when updated, automatically flows out to all of the dynamic reports
  • No more looking to and fro for info that should be together—because now it is!


  • Organized by ICS; and can be customized to how you apply ICS in your setting
  • Enables gathering, but suppressing where appropriate, private contact info (such as your president's personal cellphone, or employees' home numbers or personal non-institutional emails)
  • ICS sections are kept in show/hide groups
  • A column to specify Succession (primary and backups), to help you figure out in advance "who's on first"—and not have people jockeying for position in the heat of a response
  • Columns to indicate participation in various groupings (such as all Command & General Staff, or Fire Brigade, or ...)
  • Tooltips on the top row to remind you how to make good use of each column


  • The basic ICS position array, with minor tweaks to fit your circumstance (including color match to your section vests)
  • Up to four reports (one general list, one attendance record, and others as you wish); additional reports start at $25 each
  • Up to four shared filters; a reasonable number of additional filters will be added at no charge, though we reserve the right to charge for more of them starting at $5 each
  • Up to one half hour guidance on implementation
  • Further refinement and customized reports charged at hourly rate
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