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The Work Planner pulls together the full array of issues common to the standards, and provides a method for sequencing your work that yields the benefits listed below.

The items at the top of 1) the List View reflect your careful thought about where to invest your available capacity. You can use 2) the Card View to visually massage items into their fitting stage and sequence. The more ambitious among you can take advantage of 3) the Gantt View where concurrent and dependent items can be managed in project mode, with easily updatable timing targets.


  • Focus - Nobody can simultaneously, successfully, juggle 35 things. But by deciding together which will should sift to the top to be pursued in the coming season, you are able to mentally park the others—and thus shed that floating anxiety about what might come up to bite you. The clarity alone will enable you to be more productive.
  • Confidence - Having taken into account the whole panorama of factors shown by the national standards to matter in emergency planning, you're much less likely to get surprised by something that wasn't on your radar.
  • Defense - No school has done everything on the list. All schools face constraints. Thus everyone must choose—and the ReadyTracker Work Planner enables you to articulate, to a jury if necessary, the fact that you were constantly making rational decisions about how to to move forward in your planning within the limits of what was possible.


  • Items can be sorted by stage (Now/Next/Soon/Pending/Recurring; these terms are customizable)
  • Topic status can be reflected in Harvey Balls for quickly observing how things stand
  • Variety of views (List/Card/Gantt) to enable you to work in the style that suits you best


  • Up to one half hour guidance on implementation

Note: Includes statement of Current Condition column when used in conjunction with the Overview, available in the Inclusive plan.

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