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When a student's travel abroad is disrupted you'll muster a host of resources to help get them back on track. It's smart to ensure that everyone's accessing consistent and current information, and it's convenient to do so with Global Now. Other more expensive travel tracking products are feature rich, but the cost-effective simplicity of ReadyTracker's approach will be just right for some schools.

It all starts with 1) completion of the webform by the travel leader, and 2) the information is then visible in a summary report for the campus admin. When appropriate, 3) a dedicated report can be created [referencing one or more individuals in the same situation—aggregated or segregated to fit the case]; and 4) ultimately a complete history of open and closed cases can be referenced.


  • Simple shared access to the entire situation thread for all affected/invited parties
  • Easy to learn and use


  • Readily share information about single, multiple or related cases on a need-to-know basis; granting Edit or ViewOnly access as appropriate
  • Status history, documentation, change log all available


  • Up to one half hour guidance on implementation
  • Preparation of up to three situation reports; additional reports $25, or we'll show you how to create your own (Standard plan customers would need their own Smartsheet license)
  • We can generate a link for you (such as or you can use any url shortener you prefer

Note: Global Now can be used by Standard Plan customers, though Specialized Plan and above will experience greater flexibility and convenience

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