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The system office is there to support the efforts of individual campus emergency managers. One way the system can do that is by helping each campus recognize a) where the latter can help their sibling campuses by sharing what they're good at, and b) where to find the good work of others that could be cloned for their use.


  • Great way to recognize progress at multiple schools all working toward campus resilience
  • Individual campus emergency managers can see whom among their peer schools to tap for guidance


  • Key aspects of individual campus readiness are visible in a consolidated overview
  • Can be customized to reflect any national, state, or system standard. Examples:
    • The State of Texas has laws in their Education Code, Government Code, and Health & Safety Code specific to how their schools should be prepared
    • The Office of the Chancellor for the California State University system has issued an Executive Order specifying 20 elements that they believe will help all 23 campuses achieve optimal readiness

Includes (for our Specialized Plan)

  • Up to 20 elements per custom standard; additional elements at cost to be negotiated
  • Up to three schools per standard; more schools can be added for $500 each per standard
  • Up to one half hour guidance on implementation (per standard) for the system office and for each school
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