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An action-oriented checklist has been created for each of the 35 Topics in the Ten Steps to Ready©. It has been drawn directly from the pertinent elements among the 13 national standards applicable to higher education emergency management. All redundant, superfluous and inapplicable elements have been sifted out, and those that remain have been organized by theme. Each Topic is purchased separately. Once you make your purchase ReadyTracker will communicate with you about which one to provide.


  • You can see what the national standards have to say about each Topic of interest, and focus on only the factors that matter most to you.
  • Full text of related standards immediately visible


  • Individual elements can be flagged as applicable (or not) to your institution
  • Elements completed can be checked off
  • Automatic Do/Done counter shows what percentage of your target has been completed
  • Baseline and Preponderance aspects are reflected in the organization of the action theme; that is, elements from Clery and OSHA as well as those most referenced in the standards rise to the top of each action theme, and elements about which little is said in the standards appear at the bottom
  • The standards elements not shown in the action themes remain available at the bottom of the page for your review 


  • One Topic per Checklist—each purchased separately
  • Up to one half hour guidance on implementation
  • Resources section for most Topics with Hints & Nuggets and Proven Practices links
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