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This element of the Exercise Kit draws content from the Exercise Planner, and provides dedicated space for the HSEEP-recommended assessments.

Comments on the images: 1) Nearly everything here did not have to be keyboarded; it's linked from the Planner sheet [note blue triangles on right edge of cells]. 2) The HSEEP Rating structure is used along with cells for Strengths, Areas for Improvement, and Analysis—plus links to relevant supporting content. 3) If you are using our Team Tracker tool you can pull a report showing the recommendations filtered into the rest of your many ToDo's. 4) This section is likewise mostly pulled from the Planner sheet, saving more keystrokes. 5) If you do post-event participant surveys you can use this placeholder to note key observations. 6) As the years go by you can see in a single report the history of top-level objectives and their outcomes.


  • A standardized format with drill-down structure enables easy sharing with interested parties
  • Work done before the event does not have to be repeated afterward as you're crafting the AAR


  • Content auto-links from prior work during exercise planning phase
  • Structure guides the practitioner through the process
  • Database system enables multi-year reports


  • Custom creation of kit contents, with specialized cross-sheet linking
  • Up to half-hour guidance on implementation
  • Normally packaged with Exercise Planner and Evaluater
  • Exercise Kit is purchased separately, and then customized, for each exercise event
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