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The sample images depict how the Simplifier specifies the AED locations and shows those monitored during the present month. Each person responsible to monitor one or more devices is sent an automated email on the first workday of each month at 4:00pm advising that they need to walk over to the AED with their smartphone in hand anytime before the 15th, open their email, tap two buttons, and 'voila'—their work for that month is done. All entries are logged (shown as "1" for each month). Note the "UH-OH!" in upper left; that says not all monitors have yet responded this month. This condition can be automatically sent to the program supervisor.


  • Confidence that your equipment is in good condition, and that any unit failure will be flagged in a timely fashion
  • Time saved because the monitoring and supervision are so easy


  • An annual set-it-and-forget-it process alerts monitors monthly
  • Email to smartphone two-tap process enables simple tracking of each device
  • If any unit fails—or simply doesn't get monitored—the supervisor will have an easy way to know this


  • Custom installation and a half hour of guidance on how to set up and use it
  • Presently configured for about a dozen units. Can be scaled to hundreds with customizing that we would do at no charge upon request.
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