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Each college and university needs to know that they operate in conformity with the Clery Act and with the federal (or their state's) Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations. The BaselineChecker provides a simple way to review what the federal obligations specify, and record the current status of the school.


  • Assurance that you've double-checked your compliance condition
  • Reduced fear of Department of Education Clery audit or OSHA inspection


  • Drill-down listing of pertinent Clery and OSHA sections, organized by TenStepsToReady© topic
  • When all items are checked off, a formula displays your Completed condition
  • Easy linking to sites or documents that substantiate your determination of status


  • 30-minute guided review of your campus status on the federal primary guidelines
  • Instruction on how to publish your BaselineChecker to intended audiences
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