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Building Emergency Action Plans (BEAPs) need to address things that are both unique to each building and common to the campus, as illustrated in the images here.


  • Blended building-specific and institutional content in a single url for each building
  • Common data can be updated centrally, with localized data maintained by each Building Emergency Coordinator (BEC, aka Building Warden or other such)


  • Update requests can be automatically generated for each BEC every year (or other period), enabling them to confirm or edit the content on a regular basis
  • Updates made centrally automatically and immediately flow to all BEAPs; these are found in the table-of-contents oriented, drill-down campus-wide topical section
  • Custom info on each building can include floorplans (secured appropriately), photos and diagrams, evacuation route and meeting point maps, etc


  • Custom setup for first 20 buildings. Additional $200 for each further increment of 20 buildings
  • Up to one half hour guidance on implementation
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