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Let's say you have a bunch of buildings, and each is supposed to perform its own fire drill every month. On each of the example images one building stands out like a sore thumb (once you know where to look on the page). The Drill Tracker enables you to 1) capture the reported drill [drills held show up in green; planned but not held remains yellow]; 2) review the campus-wide performance on a single simple report [note the single item on the Missed row in the Elementary Division]; and 3) dip into the detail to see which building is sub-par [drilling into the source document you see exactly who needs a gentle reminder].


  • Capturing data is a breeze; a single simple sheet—organized in whatever sequence makes it best for you
  • Anomalies are both readily evident and easily explored


  • Single data source enables calculation of Planned/Held/Missed statistics campus-wide
  • Can be organized by any group/cluster approach that works for you (geographic; department; whatever—or none)
  • Formula-based entry of supervisor name flows to affected buildings


  • Up to three hours collaboration on initial setup, with implementation guidance
  • Assumes up to about 200 buildings; if significantly more are involved there may be an hourly rate applied to incorporate them

Note: this Simplifier is not available on the Standard Plan

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