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How much fun is it, after an exercise, to track down all the evaluators' notes written as they were flipping through their clipboard of many pages? And then sort them by the objective being measured? And then call them for help deciphering their chicken-scratch?

Instead, use a form they can open on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and with a few quick taps plus typing in their observations all of their good work gets aggregated automatically for your later analysis.

Try it yourself: click here to fill out a sample form as if you were watching an exercise unfold, then click here to see that what you contributed got added to the entries.


  • Much less effort for the evaluator
  • Much less effort for the person tasked with compiling all the evaluator input
  • Standardized, structured input, yet enabling flexibility within notes areas
  • For evaluators not yet comfortable with handheld device use in such situations, their handwritten content can be transcribed so that all evaluators' input can be blended in the final report


  • Custom webforms are created for each exercise to match its objectives and particulars
    • can be limited to their assigned capabilities (ie, particular evaluator only to report on subset of all capabilities being measured in the exercise)
  • A unique url is used for the webforms for each evaluator, ensuring that they don't walk all over—or even see—each other's content


  • Up to two hours guiding and collaborating to ensure satisfactory outcome
  • Exercise Kit is purchased separately, and then customized, for each exercise event

Note: best use of the tool will involve good acquaintance with several of Smartsheet's special methods

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