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One of the first steps in emergency plan development is to know what you're up against. A list of the hazards you face must be evaluated and ranked. The Hazard Spotter applies a formula based on scale values you determine, and presents a preliminary ranking. You are then asked to have your team review it and settle upon what we call the Urgency score, to nuance the outcome so that it fits common sense and consensus.

Other models are more complex and sophisticated, but the ReadyTracker solution achieves a great balance of cost vs effectiveness.


  • Combines the subjective and the objective to yield a defensible conclusion about where effort should next be invested
  • Provides a record to substantiate your priority decisions


  • The Scale factor values (and, with our help, the Score formula) can be edited to suit your preferences
  • [Editable] examples of Scale values are provided (eg, Severity 3 = Major public/visible crisis)
  • All instructions are right there on the page
  • Unlimited number of hazards can be processed in this way; they can be grouped and indented by category (such as natural/human/cyber/etc; be aware that while the list can be unlimited, too long a list can be overwhelming; we recommend a pre-survey to winnow the candidate hazard list down to about ten)


  • Installation to your school's folder or workspace
  • Up to one half hour guidance on implementation


  Note: A Team version of Hazard Spotter is available at Intermediate pricing. It will enable multiple participants to independently submit their rankings, which will then be blended to produce a draft consolidated result. It includes up to two total hours for a) customization to your list of hazards and contributors [a long list could require additional time to build, refine and test]; and b) assistance with aggregating the data for presentation on the summary sheet.


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