Muscle Memorizer

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As you plan out your major trainings and exercises, you want to ensure that they cover the right range of hazards and of learning opportunities for your designated responders. HSEEP recommends a cycle that includes the following types of events: Class; Seminar; Workshop; Drill; Tabletop; Game;
Functional Exercise; Full Scale Exercise. All of these have been anticipated and provided for in ReadyTracker's Muscle Memorizer method of planning and tracking your program.


  • You can see both summary and drill-down views of three years of exercises
  • Helps ensure both a) good balance in the distribution of your effort, and b) validation that all appropriate parties are getting the needed refresh of their skills


  • Quarterly schedule across a three-year span
  • Calculates number of events scheduled and held
  • Assumes exercises conducted for groups of responders, both cross-functional and unit-functional; as well as threat-based
  • One AAR (or other reference) can be linked to each specified activity


  • Up to one half hour guidance on implementation
  • Admin Guide for instruction on use
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